How Can I Find an Affordable Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is something that everybody needs in order to protect themselves from high unexpected costs in the event that they are ill or when they need to maintain their health with a medical procedure. The type of insurance a person needs will vary depending on the policyholder’s circumstances, and there are numerous options to choose from. If you are located in Willmar, Minnesota, and are interested in learning more about your health insurance options, MG Insurance Inc. can help. Read on to learn more about how to find affordable and health insurance for your situation.

Healthcare Insurance Provided By Your Employer

1115If your employer provides health insurance, this is probably the best option because it would more than likely be much cheaper than buying an individual health insurance plan and is very convenient. Most larger companies are required to provide insurance for their full time employees. Within the group plan, the employer will pay for a portion of the cost of the insurance, resulting in you paying a lower premium. You also may be able to deduct the cost of premiums directly from your paycheck and in most cases, you can include your spouse and your dependents on the plan for an additional cost.

Purchasing an Individual Health Plan

If you do not receive health insurance coverage through your employer, you can buy an individual health insurance plan in the marketplace, which was created when the Affordable Care Act was instated. If you purchase your own plan, you will only be able to do so during the open enrollment period, unless a qualifying life event occurs outside of that period.


If a person has a lower income, they may qualify for Medicaid, which is a public health insurance policy that has little to no cost. Medicaid recipients must meet specific eligibility requirements, including certain income limits, and a person can apply for this insurance at any time.

How Do I Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan?

When you have a health insurance plan, you will have to pay for it monthly whether you use medical services or not during that time, and you will need to make out of pocket expenses when you receive care, including a deductible. Therefore, it is important to choose a health insurance plan that you can afford to pay for each month. You will also want to consider the different types of plans available, (such as HMO, PPO, etc.), so you will also want to base your choice on whether you prefer to use any healthcare facility and doctor or if you don’t mind more limited choices that are within your policy’s network.

If you are located in Willmar, Minnesota, and have questions about what health insurance plan is the most suitable for you, contact MG Insurance today for a consultation.

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