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Protecting Your Assets in a Winter Storm

Recently, the news is full of shocking images from winter storm damage. Many homeowners in freezing areas have weathered challenging conditions. It’s always helpful to refresh your preparation skills and ensure your home is well-prepared. Heavy snow fall, strong winds, power outages, and floods are things you should also have adequate insurance for. MG Insurance, Inc. in Willmar, MN shares tips for protecting your home in a winter storm in this week’s blog post.

Preparing Yourself for Heavy Weather

marc-kleen-aWSoSVO8ldI-unsplashAs winter storms continue around the region, supplies become fewer and pricier. Trips to the store can also become a challenge, so you’ll need to stockpile. You also need to stock up with the right insurance coverage and know how to document claims. Do not wait long to prepare, once storms hit, claims can get delayed by the volume of calls. If you made recent home renovations, it’s important your insurer is aware of those in case your coverage will need to be modified.  As the volume of claims goes up, you will need to have cash flow to front repair bills, as well. Delays could cause you to float expenses on credit. This is where many people find gaps. Emergency funds are important. Here are some unusual items that you can also continue to plan for:

  • Hotel and lodging expenses if you are evacuated or your home loses power for a long period of time.
  • Extra money to brace for spiking costs of lumber, food, water, supplies, and other repair items that go up when people complete repairs in mass.
  • Upgrading plumping and ensuring adequate home insulation to deal with freezing weather.
  • Repairing and sealing any roof leaks caused by ice build ups.
  • Unexpected medical bills caused by weather exposure or injuries from slipping on ice.

What to Put in your Emergency Kit

Many Midwesterners have thought of their emergency kits, but there are always ways to improve. Don’t forget about the need to restock things or check expiration dates. Here is a list of things that many people forget to consider:

  • Ensure you have waterproofed important documents and have quick access to them if you must relocate. Don’t forget to check your medications and records, keeping extra on hand.
  • Take out and keep cash on hand in your go kit.
  • Extra non-expired, non-perishable food and water; don’t forget to add extra food and treats for your pets.

Our experienced team at MG Insurance, Inc. in Willmar, MN is standing by to assist you and your family in an emergency. Please contact us if you have any questions about whether you’re prepared to handle winter storms.

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