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Saving Money through Pet Insurance

Pets are integral to the households of many Americans.  There are many benefits to owning a pet: they can improve your health, lower stress, and offer companionship. However, bills for Vet visits can have a very big impact and are often unbudgeted by many pet owners. MG Insurance, Inc. in Willmar, MN discusses what pet insurance can do for you and your family in this week’s blog post.

Types of Coverage Pet Insurance Can Provide

jamie-street-s9Tf1eBDFqw-unsplashPet insurance is there for when you have any unexpected and often costly Vet bills. It helps you have peace of mind that you can afford medical care for your animal in an emergency.  It is important to review pet insurance plans carefully, because there are many details on what they can and cannot provide. For instance, many plans do not pay for routine care your pet needed before you got the policy. Pet insurance is not required but can help for unexpected costs. Certain pets are not covered by many plans, most cover cats and dogs. There are other specialized programs for horses and other animals. In addition, many plans restrict coverage for older animals or other conditions.

Most companies offer plans to specifically only address accidents and illness, they often cover:

  • Surgical procedures,
  • X-ray imaging, ultrasounds and other diagnostic tests,
  • Emergency or urgent care,
  • Hospitalization,
  • Treatments for cancer or other infections, and
  • Prescriptions.

Insurance Helps You with Unexpected, Expensive Vet Bills

It is true that without pet insurance coverage, you may have unexpected and very high vet expenses. Most plans do not cover routine and preventative care, so you’ll want to ensure that you do take preventative measures to avoid costs. You will have to select a deductible and coverage limits in your plan. You will need to plan for the premium payments on insurance. Premiums may be set by a few factors such as your location, the age of your pet, type and amount of coverage, reimbursement level. Many plans offer 90%.

Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions are almost never covered by pet insurance. For these costs, consider other ways to save, like zero-percent financing, or prescription discount programs.  Medication coverage is usually only available as it relates to treatment for an accident or illness. Some companies offer wellness plans to pay for more routine medications for heart worm, pests, or other issues.

Coverage for Your Pet in Auto Accidents

Very few pet owners use proper restraints for their pets when driving, but many love to take their animals in the car. Ask your auto insurer what per injury coverage is for your pet if you have an accident. Some companies will want you to purchase an add-on for pets. You can compare the cost of this to your other pet insurance offers.

Our capable team at MG Insurance, Inc. in Willmar, MN are here to help you navigate the expense of owning a pet through pet insurance and other insurance services. Contact us to set up a free consultation today!

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