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The Necessary Steps of Filing an Insurance Claim

A primary reason to have insurance is to protect you from financial losses in the event of an accident or some type of damage to yourself or your property. Ensuring that you have the proper insurance coverage for your situation is crucial, and depending on the type of damage that occurred, filing an insurance claim will help offer you financial protection. If you have questions about filing a claim in Willmar, Minnesota, MG Insurance Inc. can help. Continue reading for tips on the steps to take while going through an insurance claim.

How Do Insurance Claims Work?

scott-graham-OQMZwNd3ThU-unsplashFiling an insurance claim involves you making a formal request to your insurance company requesting money to help you repair damage or pay for other expenses caused by an event such as a car accident, damages to a home due to a storm or a natural disaster, etc. that is covered by your insurance policy. When you officially file a claim, an insurance adjuster will typically investigate the situation, and if the claim is validated and subsequently approved, a check for the damages will be sent to you. If you are wondering when it is necessary to make a claim, it is important to note that if the cost of damages is less or closer to the amount of your deductible, it is more than likely not worth filing a claim since the payout will not be that much. It is advisable to file a claim in the event that a person becomes injured, when a total loss is suffered and you are unable to pay for the damages, or when it isn’t entirely clear who is at fault during the accident. It is also important to understand that if you do file a claim, your insurance premiums are likely to increase.

Steps To Take When Filing a Claim

In the event that you do need to file a claim, it is necessary to take the following steps:

  • If necessary, contact law enforcement – If an accident caused significant damage, someone was injured, or criminal activity occurred, it is advisable to contact the authorities. A police report helps when making an insurance claim.
  • Exchange information and document damages – Get contact and insurance information from involved parties, and take photos and note the damages.
  • Contact insurance company and file the claim – If you are in an auto accident and the other driver is found to be at fault, contact their insurance company to file a claim, but with most other types of cases, you will file a claim with your company.

If you are located in Willmar, Minnesota, and have questions about filing an insurance claim, contact MG Insurance Inc. today for a consultation.

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